Week #1 Activities:

This activity may be done as a group project or by individual students. Please post the final results to your class page.

1. Create a history of the Winter Olympic Games. Your history can be in pictures, a timeline , written or create a short video . Where and when did the Olympic Games begin? Has there been controversy surrounding the Winter Olympics? What games do you think were the most successful?

2. Your class is focusing on following one country for the duration of the games. What is the history of your country's participation at the Winter Olympics? Think about the following questions:
  • What sports does your country participate in?
  • What sports does your country do well in?
  • What was your country's most successful year?
  • Who are the most successful athletes and what sports did they compete in?
  • What are some high points of the previous Olympic Games for your country?

Create a video (imovi e, Windows Movie Maker) , slideshow, VoiceThread or picture montage to showcase your country's history in the Winter Olympics. Don't forget to add a narrative either using a voice recording or typed words to describe your pictures.

Resource Links:

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